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Apple make the best looking, best working products on the market so only professional designers with extensive carbon fibre experience could design our products to a high enough standard. The latest 3D CAD from SolidWorks and Geomagic is used so our cases fit properly and everything works as it should, and digital simulation software is used to test the strength and durability of the products even before we make any. We use only the best materials: our carbon fibre cases really are carbon fibre, not a print, not a fake, not just a surface layer backed up with cheap material – we use F1 spec materials and processes.

Our iPhone case designs start by making 3D scans of the phone using a Faro Laser Scan Arm, a high tech bit of kit that records the shape by producing a ‘point cloud’ – hundreds of thousands of points in space that can then be processed using Geomagic Studio software into a ‘surface’ – a 3D image of the part that can be introduced into our SolidWorks 3D CAD software. Apple product drawings are used to check and confirm precise detail so we can build an accurate digital model of the phone to ensure perfect fit and function of our cases. Then the real design work can begin – trying to add minimum bulk but give excellent protection and making the case as beautiful as possible in a way that works with the original Apple design.

For iPhone 3 Monza clip on case has elegant curves to blend with the shape of the phone; it lets you access all the ports and switches without having ugly cutouts in the case, while still protecting the phone from knocks and scrapes. This real carbon fibre iPhone case is available as an exclusive limited edition (now retired) for those who prefer the shape of their iPhone 3, want to keep it, and want to treat it to the best case on the market.
With iPhone 4 and 4s we took a different approach. A clip on case like we’d done for iPhone 3 wouldn’t work for the block shape of 4, not only would it spoil the look of the phone but we wanted to move on a step - our aim was to make the fitted case look like that's the way the phone left the factory. We also wanted to improve the level of protection, but without introducing extra bulk – one of the key things with iPhone 4 is its slim design. After trying out many concepts we decided a 2 part case was the way we would go – a rubber-like inner liner would stretch onto the phone like a skin, and the beautiful carbon fibre shell would fit over that. The soft TPE liner is a key part of the design:

This twin case design has proved very popular and we have used a similar approach with our Indy iPhone 5 case.

Carbon Fibre. Our carbon fibre cases use only real carbon fibre – to be exact we only use carbon fibre/epoxy prepreg. The ‘prepreg’ bit means the woven carbon fibre fabric is pre-impregnated with exactly the right amount of resin to get maximum strength with minimum weight - this material is used where the ultimate in light weight combined with strength is needed: aerospace, F1, top racing yachts, anywhere that performance is the most important consideration. Heat and pressure consolidate the material into polished steel moulds.
Many ‘carbon fibre’ phone cases are not real carbon fibre at all; some are made with just a thin surface layer of carbon fibre thickened up with glassfibre and made with cheap polyester resins, some are plastic cases etched with a ‘carbon fibre’ pattern or leather imprinted with a ‘carbon fibre’ pattern. Very few advertise the fact that these are just imitations of the real thing. We’ve been asked why don’t we just make our cases like this so we can make them more cheaply. Simple: from being a material only used in very specialised applications there are now lots of consumer products available that use carbon fibre to improve performance, so lots of you have first hand knowledge of the huge difference it makes, can tell the difference between the real stuff and fake, and so just wouldn't want the fake.
If you want to know more about carbon fibre composites visit – this has loads of information about different materials and processes.
TPE – ‘thermoplastic elastomer’ – these are rubber-like materials that can be injection moulded, so complex details can be formed in materials carefully chosen for the right balance of properties, including impact absorption and durability. This enables us to make a case that fits tightly to the phone to prevent particles that could scratch your phone getting between the phone and the case, and with accurately sized and positioned ports and buttons instead of just cutouts. 
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